Electronic Patient Care Reporting

The ARC ePCR Suite is a state-of-the-art user friendly web based system designed for accurate and efficient field data entry. The application is Trauma Registry compliant enabling the patient trauma information to be retrieved from the ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) software.

The ARC ePCR solution works online AND offline. There is no need for Internet connectivity. All medic's have to do is to fill out the form. Once completed, and once connectivity is made, the data is sent over to your online base/administration station (encrypted and secure). The base/administration station provides you with a complete administrative platform to manage your records before releasing them for billing at the click of a button.

Save Time: Billing lead time is drastically reduced by sending run data electronically the same day the transport is made. Once completed in the field, the run is sent to A/R Concepts, Inc. electronically and can be billed out the same day helping to ensure a consistent steady cash flow.

Locating and viewing past run reports is easy by using the administrator database. Once located an easy print function allows you to print the record you are viewing.

More Efficient PCR Documentation: Much of the information in an PCR such as 'Origin', 'Destination' and 'Repeat Patient information' is repeatedly hand written for each paper PCR which is time consuming an tedious. Information such as this is set up one time in the ARC ePCR and then accessed via drop down menu in the field.

Quality: The ePCR is validation driven guaranteeing key information is properly stored and unless this required information is present the system will not allow the record to be uploaded to the base/administration station. The system guides the medic to complete the missing information before submitting to the administration database.

Eliminate Storage Space: Eliminate filling cabinet space needed to store paper PCR's. Since the ARC ePCR is electronic, reports are stored in a computer database. As a redundant record keeping safety measure, all reports submitted for billing are also stored by A/R Concepts, Inc. on their secure web server.

Save Cost/Environment: Electronic patient care reporting reduces paper & printing costs, wear and tear on printers / scanners and postage associated with sending paper PCR's to your billing company. By using the ARC ePCR you are contributing towards a better environment as a result of using less paper.

With the help of the ARC ePCR you can

  • Complete and submit incident reports in the field.
  • Have runs available for viewing and printing at hospitals.
  • Benefit from time saving features such as 'Repeat Patients' & 'Frequent Destinations' database etc.
  • Capture electronic signatures in the field with or without internet connectivity.
  • Generate multiple formats of editable narratives.
  • Upload encrypted records securely via WiFi with the click of a button.
  • Benefit from auto calculated data entry (Glasgow Coma Scale, age, mileage, etc.).
  • Use built in Refusal and Authorization forms.
  • The ARC ePCR

  • Is a paperless electronic system with administrator patient database.
  • Includes touch screen technology for ease of use.
  • Is validation controlled to ensure highest data quality.
  • Is loaded with complete patient data - demographics, allergies, meds & more
  • Includes a full set of hard copy reports designed specifically for each client.
  • Comes with complete technical support, upgrades and no cost installation is included.
  • Has a easy-to-use interface (just simple forms to fill out)
  • Is designed with 'Auto Save' functionality.
  • Training, installation and configuration is so quick you can litteraly be up and running in matter of days.
  • For more information about our ARC ePCR software and services please use the 'Click Here' button. To request an On-Line demonstration please fill in the form below and click 'Send'. An A/R Concepts, Inc. representative will contact you ASAP to coordinate a convenient time for your demonstration. Thank you.



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